Purchase Gift Cards and Gift Certificates through Oakton High School Orchestra Booster Club
GLScrip is a gift card program which assists you in earning funds for your student's account and helps the Orchestra.  You pay only the face value of the gift card you want.  GLScrip then gives a rebate to the Orchestra.  Shipping fees are spread among the group ordering.  75% of the rebate minus a portion of the shipping is entered into your student’s account.  25% goes into the general fund.


These are the same cards that you purchase from the stores and you can use them for your everyday purchases or give them as gifts. The money earned from this fundraising comes from the participating retailers.  Most of the retailer’s contributions vary between 2% and 10% of your gift card purchase amounts.  This fundraising is done entirely through their online ordering system,


You can even pay for your order online with direct debit from your checking account for a fee of $.39 per order (less than a postage stamp), or you can send in a check made payable to OHS Orchestra Booster Club to Ms. Margot Mezvinsky or directly to our treasurer, Emily Lin at 3277 Dutch Mill Ct. Oakton, VA 22124.


We do not accept credit cards.  If paying by check, the check must be received before your order will be placed.  Everyone’s orders need to be in the system with payment received by the 15th of each month.  Our group’s entire order will be submitted by the coordinator to Scrip for processing between the 15th and 17th of each month.  Gift cards are delivered to the coordinator within 3 days of ordering.  The gift cards will be given to Margot Mezvinsky and pick-up arrangements can be made with her, or they can be given to your student to bring home.

How to register

To register a new account with ShopWithScrip, first open up your web browser, and go to

Go to the green “Family Sign Up” box on the left side, and click “Create Account”.


Follow the simple registration instructions and accept the terms and conditions of using the site.  The next screen you will see is called “join an organization”. Before you can place an order, you must join our organization by entering our organization’s enrollment code  7C73DFE315736 .  The ShopWithScrip system will associate your shopping activity with our non-profit organization.



Shop and Order

Browse through the website and add items to your cart.  Click on your shopping cart to verify your selections.  Click on the “check out” button when you are done.  Review your order and press “finish” to submit your order.  Finally, you will see an “order confirmation page”. 


Print the order confirmation page, and submit it with your payment by the 15th of the month to either Ms. Mezvinsky at school, or to our treasurer, Emily Lin at 3277 Dutch Mill Ct. Oakton, VA 22124.


Please make check payable to Oakton HS Orchestra Booster Club.


You will be notified by email when the gift cards are ready for pick-up.