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OHS Orchestras News & Reminders (Week of March 3)

posted Mar 2, 2014, 6:47 AM by Oakton Orchestras
Congratulations to All-State Participants!  Please extend a hearty CONGRATULATIONS and WOOT! to Angela He and Tiffany Cai for their successful auditions last week for a seat in Virginia's 2014 All State Orchestra.  Angela earned a seat with the second violins, and Tiffany was selected as the second alternate violin.  The All Virginia Orchestra is Virginia's most competitive student orchestra and we are proud of all four OHS orchestra students, Angela, Tiffany, Chris Suh and Jack Lankenau, for their months of preparation and hard work to represent OHS in the audition process.  Mr. Oppenheimer is proud of ALL of you!  More details about the All State event, being held at Virginia Tech in April, will come later.    
Assessment is Coming Soon!  Assessment will take place the weekend of March 22, and all students must continue their hard work in preparing for SUPERIOR performances. A message from Mr. Oppenheimer:  "All orchestras are putting in some tremendous work and I have the utmost confidence in them going into Assessment. There have been several rehearsals for each class that really reinforce how special of a place OHS is to be making music. Let’s push on through to the concert, assessment and the trip! Should be an exciting month!"  As a reminder, after-school rehearsals (ASRs) will continue as scheduled -

Symphonic/Concert: Monday March 3rd
Monday March 10th
Monday March 17th (as needed)
 Chamber:Thursday March 20th (as needed) 

All rehearsals will take place from 2:30-4:00PM  

Pirates of Penzance Pit Orchestra Auditions will take place this Thursday, March 4 from 4 to 6:30 pm.  OHS's 2014 spring production of Gilbert and Sullivan's magnificent The Pirates of Penzance offers a special opportunity for all performing arts students in theater, chorus, band and orchestra alike. Orchestra students are encouraged to join the pit orchestra - the sign-up sheet is on the choir bulletin board.  Excerpts for the audition are on the orchestra board and need to be picked up in person.  Due to the orchestration of this show and its operatic nature, there's a lot of potential for it to be a tremendous experience for the musicians involved, especially strings players! If you're looking for a unique and FUN way to make music, please sign up to participate!    

NY Trip:  Final preparations for the trip to NY at the end of March are underway - more details will follow.  If you haven't yet turned in your final trip payment, please do so ASAP! 

Solo & Ensemble Festival:  will take place April 25th at Herndon Middle School.  If you plan to participate and have not yet turned in your forms, the registration for and check is due to Mr. Oppenheimer no later than this coming Monday, March 3!